preparing every part for you

Beginning to pray in earnest, truly seeking. Opening my heart to God. Asking to see his face and hear his voice. I feel close to him today. Sweet Elohim. 

Spending quality time with Scott. He held me when my heart broke with sadness yesterday. I don't know why it broke with sadness, but it did. Sometimes there's only so much sadness a heart can take at one time. Among many things, I thought of my dad, and how he won't meet Finn. Somehow I feel that he will know Finn anyway. I just wish Finn could have met dad. I wish Scott could have met him, too, though the two are very close in my heart. 

Reading many books lately. It's summertime, and I have about ten books in mind that I would like to read. Not to mention the sprinkling of baby and parenting books we bring home from the library. 

Birth classes start June 2nd. I don't know what we'll be covering in them, probably everything from the emotional/physical/mental/spiritual journey of pregnancy and birthing, to all the stuff that comes afterwards. Parenting, recuperating, etc. I rarely grasp the truth of the life that lives inside me. It's a truth so large I can't quite wrap my mind around it most of the time. 
I love feeling him move. 

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Jamie Lee said...

Every time now that I hear your voice on the phone, I hear the changes taking place in you. The way you are coming closer and closer to motherhood. It takes on a depth in your sweet voice that makes me weepy when I hang up. I am so grateful to witness your changes.