stay close

This beautiful print is by DazeyChic at Mela Studios - isn't it great?

It is titled "Stay Close", and that is my message today. Please stay close to me.
I am moving blogs, as anticipated. And here is my brand new blog!


different names for the same thing

With ice cream for dinner, it could not be an ordinary day. Actually, it was a bit extraordinary.
I set up a sewing nook.

I finished the apron I've been half-heartedly working on for a week. Well, in truth it's not quite finished. I plan on sewing in a little lace on the pocket. It is not a pretty apron - the stitching is laughable and the colors are garish - but I like it, and it's the first sewing project I have ever done.

Then I made this pincushion. I followed this tutorial, which was a little hard for me because I am such a beginner. For instance, I could not for the life of me figure out how to get those patchwork pieces together correctly. I did figure it out in the end, but I'm sure there was an easier way to do it - I just don't have the know-how.
The great thing about this pattern, though, is that button! Those two buttons! They cinch together everything and add a cuteness factor that distracts from the poor stitching and uneven lines. Thank goodness for those buttons.

And here's what I try to do every day, enjoy one of my favorite aspects of motherhood - holding a sleeping baby.


i like it all that way

(Natalie, these are the flowers I was talking about - the ones that came from my attempts last summer.)

Just a short bit - as one of you may know, I'm working on a new! blog!
Not just because of this header, though it's true I don't like it. I have been posting here for a long time and I just crave something fresh. I've changed a lot in the time I've been writing here, and I'm ready for a new start.
A problem I'm coming across is creating a new blog name. Many I have thought of are already taken, and it just kills me when I think of a name, find that it's taken, but the blog that is hogging the name has no posts! Or maybe one post, from years ago. Isn't there a limit on these things? Don't they (the blogging gods) seek and destroy blogs that have been neglected? I wish they did, because then those good blog names would have a chance to be fully realized.
Any good ideas out there needing to be put to use?
I'm stuck on deciding where I want to go with the name, too. Do I stick to something sweet sounding, implying that this is a blog about baking? Well, it isn't, exactly. Or should I try something broader, more encompassing of my life? Oh, the many questions of blog life.
Good morning, and Happy Easter to you this weekend.


with arms outstretched

As you can see, the camera has surfaced!

My mom sent us an Easter basket full of chocolate and a couple books for Finn. She made this Easter basket for me when I was a toddler. Not to be too specific, but that means the basket is 20-something years old - wow. It was pretty cool to open up a box and see that basket. It's been my basket for as many Easters as I can remember.

(Toes in repose - nap time)

The girl who made the chili - Jessica - what a catch! The chili was delicious, and the cornbread turned out more like cake - fluffy and sweet - but no one complained. Jessica brought over a laundry basket full of tshirts she's modifying, and we crafted for a few hours. Homemade comfort food, beer, crafts - what more could a girl want? Our menfolk talked about graphic novels and the dog ran around happily searching for accidental crumbs.

Thursday we'll be driving to Georgia and spending the weekend with Scott's family. Scott and I are looking forward to twelve hours of together time in a car on the highway. We love (badly) singing old, I'm-embarrassed-I-know-all-the-words songs and stopping at scary gas stations in rural areas. The best part is that we'll be driving from 2pm to 2am, so hopefully it won't mess up the baby's sleep too much.

Because I found the camera, I had to take a million pictures of my sweet boy. Here's one of my favorites.

Oh, and as a note to myself, here's the pincushion I plan on making.


wired for light

The baby's teething. Needless to say, I did not enjoy much sleep last night.

In other news, I've got my eye on this little number, which I hope to find time to make in the near future. This week is forecasted for some cold weather, and those cookies would certainly keep me warm and toasty inside.

Tonight our good friend Jessica is coming over and bringing her homemade chili. Need I say more? Alright, I will. This friend happens to be an incredible cook, who once made kolache from scratch, simply because she was craving them. They were the most delicious pastry ever to pass my lips, and that's certainly saying a lot. She is also the favorite guest at any dinner party, potluck, or simple gathering, because she always brings something to eat, and whatever it is, it will be the most delicious version of that food you have ever had, ever. Even if she just brings a homemade veggie platter with hummus. Clearly I am excited about her bringing chili tonight, and instead of just toasting some bread for garlic toast, I just don't think it could play the supporting role to any dish made by Jessica. I'll make skillet cornbread instead, with this recipe I happened upon. Much thanks to Cookworm for the recipe and the inspiration.

The camera is lost still missing. Drat.