we have a lot to give one another

I have so much to share!
First of all, we have seen our first snow of the winter here in Missouri.

Thanksgiving was great - Jamie visited from Georgia, she learned to knit, we all cooked and ate together, we enjoyed time with my family, Finn was the center of attention, of course, and the cranberry bliss bars I made turned out okay.
Things that I am thankful for: God, my family, our health and happiness, good music, good friends, good food, simple pleasures, the beauty and glory of nature, my son's smiles, hot water, steady food supply, our apartment, strong coffee, a new president. I could easily extend this list for many paragraphs, but I'll leave it at that. In short, I can find good in almost anything, therefore I'm grateful for almost everything, ever.

In food news, I'm planning on making biscotti for family members, putting it in large beautiful jars, and sending along a pound of coffee. We don't have the money for more elaborate gifts, and honestly, I'd rather give something they will enjoy eating and drinking, instead of, say, a sweater, that they might or might not like. Everyone likes food. Some more than others (case in point) but everyone likes it. I'm going to use Dorie Greenspan's recipe for almond biscotti, and maybe add some lemon and anise. I'm not sure about the anise - because it is a unique flavor, and I'm not sure everyone would like it - but the lemon is safe, for sure.
In baby news, Finn's making more noise every day. It's so much fun. He's very expressive. Today he has his 2 month doctor's appointment, and they're going to give him some vaccinations. Oh Lord, I hope he does okay. Many babies get upset and then stay fussy for a day or two. If they ask me to hold him down to get shots - I'll refuse. I don't want to be involved, or to have him remember me being involved - it confuses his trust in me. I'm the good guy! I get to hold and comfort him after the shots are over!
Here's Finn wearing a scarf and appearing pleased.

More food news - I picked up an issue of Martha Stewart Living, and let me tell you - this woman is very creative. She also has some envious cookie recipes that I'll have to try out. Of course I'll chronicle them here.

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Danyell said...

I watched the Martha Stewart Christmas Special last night - it was amazing! And if I wanted to get all my friends ridiculously fat for the holidays, I would know exactly how to do it, haha.
I can't wait to see yooooooou!