different names for the same thing

With ice cream for dinner, it could not be an ordinary day. Actually, it was a bit extraordinary.
I set up a sewing nook.

I finished the apron I've been half-heartedly working on for a week. Well, in truth it's not quite finished. I plan on sewing in a little lace on the pocket. It is not a pretty apron - the stitching is laughable and the colors are garish - but I like it, and it's the first sewing project I have ever done.

Then I made this pincushion. I followed this tutorial, which was a little hard for me because I am such a beginner. For instance, I could not for the life of me figure out how to get those patchwork pieces together correctly. I did figure it out in the end, but I'm sure there was an easier way to do it - I just don't have the know-how.
The great thing about this pattern, though, is that button! Those two buttons! They cinch together everything and add a cuteness factor that distracts from the poor stitching and uneven lines. Thank goodness for those buttons.

And here's what I try to do every day, enjoy one of my favorite aspects of motherhood - holding a sleeping baby.


natalie said...

Your pincushions are adorable!! You're right, the buttons are perfect for it!

& I cannot wait to have my own sleeping baby!! Okay, I can wait, but it is just so cute!

Jamie Lee said...

Oh, my, goodness... what awesome pincushions!! I'nm so, so jealous of your sewing corner. You've inspired me to a new summer project!

j.linneman said...

i love the sewing nook and i especially love your lead-in to announcing the making of a sewing nook.. "actually it was a bit extraordinary" .... the suspense!