the water in which we wade

"well who knows, who knows
yeah, i may come home
yeah, i may return
this is the way i'm always leaving
this is the soft voice of the evening
this is the way i hear my father
these are the flames that drown the water"

note to self: look up book "the land remembers"

listening to devendra banhart like a maniac. perfect for falling leaves.

finally connected with evelyn. we've been playing phone tag for, well, probably six months or so, but just a couple weeks were we actively trying to catch each other on the phone. then we spoke, and it reminded me of who i am, and of who she is. and it's amazing, our friendship, that survives like a desert flower without much water, just plenty of sun.
she asked questions about everything, and i asked her questions.
we are still very much who we always were.

we talked about the West. which has to be capitalized due to importance and vastness. i hope to return to the west someday, even if i don't end up living out there. but when i think of "home", i see mountains in my mind's eye. and my heart aches for those mountains! it's a weird tie, that the heart makes to the land we grow up on. my ceramics teacher noted a book called "the land remembers" when talking about how the land she grew up with is what influences her thoughts and consequently her ceramics work.
speaking of ceramics, i am registered for next semester and i have a place in the intermediate ceramics class! i am thrilled.

unthrilled about this - i'm sick. had a scratchy throat for about four days, accompanied on and off with a killer headache. yesterday i started sneezing and coughing and snotting. last night was hell, trying to sleep with all that mucous trying to get out of my head. scott's in the same state i am. we're sickies! rufus even sneezed today.
rufus and i take walks through rock hill park, this small state park very close to our place. it's beautiful, and he's able to be off leash, so he romps through the forest, skidding on leaf covered rocks and splashing in the water. i've watched fall in its stages in this park, and i'm humbled by the greatness and beauty of nature.
the vast land.

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