never leave lonely alone

went to elephant rocks. played on rocks with scott and rufus. wished we had brought climbing shoes.

had an amazing thanksgiving with friends, not family. "this is way better than family" was our motto all night. there was a roaring fire outside and the night was cold.

worked almost 40 hours. everyone else was out of town. didn't mind, because i didn't have classes.

spoke to evelyn on the phone. she's a beautiful woman. we had a great conversation.

enjoyed having a quiet house, no boys upstairs, no old man downstairs.

spent time with scott. he gave me the most beautiful flowers ever. we saw darjeeling limited, which we thoroughly enjoyed. we ate bad mexican food at the place we swore not to return to last time.

thought a lot about shannon, her situation(s), our friendship, my role to her, my love for her.

yesterday classes started again. today i turned in a paper in ceramics about clay as communication. we did a critique of our teapots. mine got a lot of comments. i felt like i made something cool.

tonight sean and i whipped up a kick ass dinner. he cooked rice. i cooked black beans with onions. we threw the two together with salsa and some last minute jiffy cornbread muffins that were actually more like pancakes. i can do awesome things with a can of beans.

tonight i made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for evelyn, to whom i will mail said cookies tomorrow. plus the five letters i wrote her and the cd i made. evelyn has invited us to montana to visit. scott and i are determined to make it out there sometime within the next year, maybe late summer.

scott and i are praying that we will be gifted with the funds for a spring break trip to nicaragua and costa rica with a friend who has family in those places. if that plan does not work out, we might move the montana trip up.

tonight sean and i went to check out the unloaded anagama. an anagama is a humongous wood fire kiln that all our millions of pots were in from ceramics class. by "we" i mean all of the ceramics classes, who all had pieces in the kiln. the kiln is large enough to fit 15 adults inside. imagine that much space filled with nothing but pots on shelves. it's a lot of pots.

one night recently i had a vivid sex dream, underwater, in fact, and i woke up to my body having an orgasm. kind of weird. actually, very strange. i guess i never realized that women could have wet dreams like men can. well, it's true. it happens.

i can't seem to figure out how to post these photos where i want them. it's been a good week, except for my toothache. must, must, MUST make a dentist appointment tomorrow. my jaw is probably rotting out of my head. how's that for a silver lining? :D


Jamie Lee said...

this was delightfully charming

Jamie Lee said...

Now I understand that title; I overlooked it before. "Never leave lonely alone". Aint that the goddamn truth.