where i end and you begin

As promised, I'll post a belly picture. I'm 11 weeks and 1 day today. 

That's clay on my shirt.
Dreams last night were strange. Going through a tunnel, we found a golden egg. There were a lot of other events in the dreams, but I don't remember them. Oh, except that right before I woke up, I was about to drink some chocolate milk. So now I'm left with with a desperate thirst that only chocolate milk can quench. 
We'll go to see the midwife on Thursday this week, just for a check-up. All that entails is checking my urine for different things, weighing me, then she looks at my fingernails, my eyes, and asks me a lot of questions just about how I'm feeling and everything. 
They're really wonderful at the community birth center. 
Other than that, dishes continue to pile up until I break down every three or four days and have to wash ALL of them. You think I'd just do a few every day, and save the hassle of the fifteen minute sessions every few days, but that's not the case. 
David visiting is interesting. He and I have opposing political views, but I'm wondering if he just borrowed his from mom. His music tastes are also extremely different from mine, and all the stuff he listens to is starting to get to me. Oh well, he'll be leaving in a day or two. He is a good guy, and honest, and smart, and honorable. And that's more than anyone could ask for. 
On that note, I'll go get a shower and get ready for class. 

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Jamie Lee said...

wow. your belly really does have a baby in it!! i've never seen it pucker out that way... it made my heart leap in my chest. =)