littlest birds sing the sweetest songs

I know I should be napping . . . I'm tired and Finn's asleep right now, but I haven't written since he was born. He'll be a month old tomorrow, and I can't believe it! He's already looking so much bigger, and he's hitting developmental milestones like being able to hold his head up a little, and move it around, and turn to follow my voice or face. 
I'm holding up pretty well, getting more sleep than I had anticipated. He only wakes up twice a night to eat; the third time he wakes up is 5am, so I don't count that one. I swear he gave me his first intentional, eyes-crinkling up, full fledged smile this morning!!! It's the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. 
I am missing my other baby - baking. I've made cookies only once in the past month. I've got my eye on a pumpkin bar recipe I found on a food blog called Cookie Madness, and I plan on whipping that up as soon as possible, maybe tonight after Finn goes to bed. The thing is - Finn usually goes to bed around 9, and I'm usually ready for bed at that time, too. 
So I'm a stay at home mom now . . . it's not all bliss, but mostly. There is the fact that I haven't had time/free arms to vacuum in the past week, though I've been eyeing 
the carpet every day with more and more anticipation of vacuuming. The leaves are falling outside, which means we're tracking them inside the house. I'm not dying of boredom, I have plenty of books to read, and Finn is absolutely enchanting. I miss Scott when he's busy working or schooling, and when Finn gets fussy it's frustrating that I can't hand him to Scott for a break. But really, there's nothing to complain about. (Nothing about which to complain - my brain instantly corrects all sentences ending with prepositions) 

Here's some really good songs: 

"Wizard Flurry Home" by Mariee Sioux
"It's Only Me" by Elvis Perkins 
"True Love Will Find You In The End" by Beck 
"Master And Everyone" by Bonnie Prince Billy 
"The Littlest Birds" by Jolie Holland 
"I Felt Your Shape" by The Microphones 
"Make It Hot" by Mirah 
"Don't Be Upset" by Jeffrey & Jack Lewis 

and here's Finn at one month: 


Michele said...

Wow! A month already?! Time flies...

Jamie Lee said...

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Oh, that line made me cry =)

I love how his little eyes are popping open bigger and bigger every day! I'm so glad you've been blessed with such a happy, gorgeous baby <3 <3

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