you forgot it in people

I sing the joys of motherhood. 
Today my son puked a mucous of half digested milk all over my neck and shoulder. Of course it was a clean shirt. Why do I try? He also landed some of it on his clean shirt. On my way to the bathroom I sneezed, and discovered my apparent incontinence - peeing myself just a bit. Oh, wonderful. Not only have I not had time to take a shower, but now I'm covered in puke and pee. Good thing it's just me, the baby, and the dog today. They don't care what I smell like. They're smellier, anyhow. 
Scott and I were debating whether or not to introduce Finn to a pacifier, but after his increase in fussiness, we decided to give it a try. I feel somewhat guilty, like I'm just trying to shut my kid up, but that's not the case. The pacifier is not taking away any of my attention or love from my child. After I've been holding him for an hour, and he's been fussing the entire hour, and when I try to put him down he escalates the fussing into the threat of crying, the pacifier becomes my friend. I put him down, just for a minute, to use the bathroom, and give him the pacifier. Lo and behold, he takes it, it soothes him in ways all my rocking, walking, bouncing, nursing, etc. cannot. He quiets, sucks it contentedly, and falls asleep in the time it takes me to use the bathroom. Eureka! Now I have time to scrub some dishes! Glorious. 
I'm not sure whether to try for a shower. So far I've managed to take one every day since his birth - I did not expect to maintain my cleanliness as a new parent, but I have succeeded so far. Today might break the record, though. But hey, if I forfeit my personal hygiene for the betterment of my family (dishes done, house tidied, baby taken care of, dog walked twice, perhaps some food cooked), then hey, it's a cause that's worth it. 
Now if I could just find an incredible recipe for whole wheat brownies. 

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The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet said...

You are hilarious! The incontinence had me doubled over. And I've been there...so I'm laughing with you.

I'm so blogrolling you - Thanks for finding me. You're a trip!