i like it all that way

(Natalie, these are the flowers I was talking about - the ones that came from my attempts last summer.)

Just a short bit - as one of you may know, I'm working on a new! blog!
Not just because of this header, though it's true I don't like it. I have been posting here for a long time and I just crave something fresh. I've changed a lot in the time I've been writing here, and I'm ready for a new start.
A problem I'm coming across is creating a new blog name. Many I have thought of are already taken, and it just kills me when I think of a name, find that it's taken, but the blog that is hogging the name has no posts! Or maybe one post, from years ago. Isn't there a limit on these things? Don't they (the blogging gods) seek and destroy blogs that have been neglected? I wish they did, because then those good blog names would have a chance to be fully realized.
Any good ideas out there needing to be put to use?
I'm stuck on deciding where I want to go with the name, too. Do I stick to something sweet sounding, implying that this is a blog about baking? Well, it isn't, exactly. Or should I try something broader, more encompassing of my life? Oh, the many questions of blog life.
Good morning, and Happy Easter to you this weekend.


Anne B. Steck said...

"Oh sweet baby gonna come my way..."

I can't WAIT to see you guys Saturday. Your flowers are beautiful, dearest. I love your kitchen. You have such a great, fresh sense of style. <3

natalie said...

It shows that you have a blog named "Cup & Cake" and I think that is absolutely FANTASTIC. It's super cute.

Also, I'm diggin' the flowers.

Danyell said...

And what if your life IS sweet? Then the sweet-implying name could be about baking and your life.

I'm thinking of a new one, also. Choose life. Or maybe, this far but no further. Or maybe, there's always a siren singing you to shipwreck :)

karenjane said...

hi, yes my fabrics for my baby quilt are beatrix potter, i loved the books when i was little and still do so i just had to buy them:) i got them localy but ive also seen them for sale online a few times. hope you do have a go at quilting, its lots of fun. if you have questions feel free to ask me and ill be happy to answer if i can (im no expert but ive made a few quilts and learnt bits and pieces along the way) i love your name cup&cake for your new blog! how annoying that some of your other ideas were taken but not being used, glad you found a good one in the end:)