with arms outstretched

As you can see, the camera has surfaced!

My mom sent us an Easter basket full of chocolate and a couple books for Finn. She made this Easter basket for me when I was a toddler. Not to be too specific, but that means the basket is 20-something years old - wow. It was pretty cool to open up a box and see that basket. It's been my basket for as many Easters as I can remember.

(Toes in repose - nap time)

The girl who made the chili - Jessica - what a catch! The chili was delicious, and the cornbread turned out more like cake - fluffy and sweet - but no one complained. Jessica brought over a laundry basket full of tshirts she's modifying, and we crafted for a few hours. Homemade comfort food, beer, crafts - what more could a girl want? Our menfolk talked about graphic novels and the dog ran around happily searching for accidental crumbs.

Thursday we'll be driving to Georgia and spending the weekend with Scott's family. Scott and I are looking forward to twelve hours of together time in a car on the highway. We love (badly) singing old, I'm-embarrassed-I-know-all-the-words songs and stopping at scary gas stations in rural areas. The best part is that we'll be driving from 2pm to 2am, so hopefully it won't mess up the baby's sleep too much.

Because I found the camera, I had to take a million pictures of my sweet boy. Here's one of my favorites.

Oh, and as a note to myself, here's the pincushion I plan on making.

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natalie said...

Why is Finn always so stinkin' cute?!

& while you're gone, I'll watch over the garden! I'm off this weekend, too! :D Have a wonderful time in Georgia!

Also, I'm so glad you had a fun time with your friend + chili + beer + craftin'. Sounds awesome to me!