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Tomorrow: 16 weeks. 

No real update, otherwise. I'm doing well, I have some energy, and I'm still hungry constantly. Still wondering when it will start to feel real. Hearing the baby's heartbeat blew my mind, and it felt real right then, but now I'm back to feeling that this whole thing is surreal. 
Soon I'll begin to feel movement, and that will probably make it more a reality. 

Going to Mom's in a few days to visit, shop, eat, and drive home with my brother's car. Now I have my own transportation! I'm excited. 
The next exciting thing is this semester ending in six more weeks. Not that I'm counting. ; )  
I'm just ready for a somewhat relaxing summer, with no classes except for some prenatal yoga classes. I can't wait to go swimming and be in the sun. It's still pretty cold here, so I'm dreaming of those hot, sticky Missouri summer days. Very similar to Georgia's. 

Everyone teases me about having twins. I wonder if I will . . . 

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Jamie Lee said...

it amazes me how your tummy gets more and more defined as the weeks go by. your bump is so high up... i think you're going to have a girl! i was talking to my hairstylist Julie, who's seven months pregnant, and she thinks you're going to have a girl too... because all the women she knows who got pregnant around when she did are having boys, and the women who got pregnant shortly thereafter (like you) seem to be having girls. !!!! So, that's my vote man
I love you so much