sprout and the bean

We heard the baby's heartbeat!!!
It's right around 150 bpm. It was so exciting, I think Scott and I both had watery eyes. It's just really blowing my mind right now, that there's an actual baby living inside of me, and that it's real, and not my imagination. 
Next week I'll be 16 weeks along. I can't believe it - that's 4 months! It will almost be half way over. 
Good news on being able to stay in our apartment. That just means that with all this second trimester energy I'll need to spring clean this place. I mean, it's dusty and full of Rufus' hair, and more than one room could stand having walls painted and windows cleaned. Maybe when school lets out in early May the weather will be perfect for opening windows and painting. I feel like steam cleaning the carpets might be a good idea, too. I just don't know when they were last cleaned. We'll also have to rearrange furniture, and probably buy another bookcase. Maybe when we get our tax money back we can do some things for the apartment.
Next week, Wednesday through Friday, we'll be in Iowa visiting Mom and Michael. It will be weird without David there, since he's in Texas now doing his basic training for the Air Force. We're leaving Rufus at the apartment, and having friends walk and feed him. I wish we could take him but it would probably be more stressful for everyone involved, Rufus included. I don't know where he would sleep, and how he would get along with Mom's dog. I am excited to see my Mom, though, and hang out with her, spend time together, maybe go shopping. And though it'll be short, it will still be a nice break from Columbia. 

I am just so thrilled about hearing the baby's heartbeat. It makes me want to eat healthier, because it's really a baby that I'm feeding, not just myself. I'm going to work on eating more vegetables these next four weeks, so I can report back positively to my midwife, who is so sweet anyway. 
I think a huge part of my good mood is the weather. It's sunny and warm today, and birds are chirping. The grass has gone green over the past few days. It looks as though spring might actually arrive. I seriously thought it would never come. 

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