there was sun

Our road trip to Michigan is fast approaching. We're leaving Tuesday the 12th, and spending the night at a bed and breakfast in Indiana. I'm currently researching places to visit and most importantly, places to eat, while we travel through Michigan the following day. So far I've decided we have to see the dunes along Lake Michigan. Michele and Joe said they're incredible! Then we'll drive on into Ann Arbor for lunch and shopping. I think I found the lunch place, a middle eastern restaurant called Jerusalem Garden. Then some shopping downtown, and now I've been leaving comments on random food blogs for help from my foodie friends to find the perfect coffee and pastry place. I love pastries more than anything, and I'd love to eat something exquisite in Ann Arbor. 
The rest of the trip will be spent around Redford and Detroit, so next I'll be making a list of things to do/see while around those areas. I've found a farmer's market that has incredible reviews, somewhere outside of Detroit. I'll probably take a look around the web for art galleries and other things to do. It's not that I want a full itinerary, but I want for us to be capable of entertaining ourselves while the people we stay with go about their daily lives. 

After we return from Michigan, I'll only have three more weeks of work. Wow. I've still got to wash all the baby's clothes and sheets, and figure out baby announcements. And it feels like there's even more I can't remember right now. Well . . . it'll all go so quickly, anyway. Soon it will be November and the baby will be nearly two months old, and I'll have completely forgotten about this pre-baby life. Cest la vie. 

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