lovesong of the buzzard

37 weeks today. Or maybe 39? 
Here's the thing - the first due date calculated was Sept. 9th, according to when I had my last period. My cycles were extremely regular, so that due date was probably pretty accurate. Then, when we did the ultrasound, they recalculated for Sept. 21st, based on the perceived age of the baby, I suppose. I have no idea how accurate that calculation is, or exactly what it's based on. (Why do I feel bad ending a sentence with a preposition?) 
My body is preparing for labor. I'm experiencing new things, such as a constant, dull backache that feels crampy, like a premenstrual backache. I've also had some mucous like discharge, most likely my mucous plug coming out over a span of days. I'm almost 100% positive the baby has dropped, just because I can breathe easier and I'm feeling more pelvic pressure. I'm also experiencing some on and off sharp pain in the general area of my cervix, which my midwife said is probably my cervix doing some "pre-labor work", i.e. effacing and/or dilating. All of these symptoms are signs that labor's on the way. How exciting! I don't feel fearful of the pain anymore, just curious about labor, and super ready to see our baby. I just can't wait to touch those little feet that are constantly stretching out my skin. 
I've been taking evening primrose oil once in the morning, once in the evening, to soften my cervix. I've been drinking my red raspberry leaf tea to tone my uterus. I've been walking anywhere between 1.5-3 miles a day, to bring on braxton-hicks contractions, which also tone the uterus and can promote cervix change. I'm eating pineapple every day (for cervix softening). I'm massaging my feet and legs and not avoiding the labor induction acupressure points. 
Needless to say, I'm ready for the baby. 
If he came this week, it would be inconvenient for my job, since my last day isn't until Saturday, but I'm sure they would find a way to deal with the inconvenience of my uncovered shifts. I'm really just ready! 
Despite feeling mentally and emotionally ready, and my body making its steps toward physical readiness, I may still have anywhere up to three or four weeks to wait. Something tells me the baby will come sooner than three or four weeks, and I hope that something is right. If not, oh well, either way, he'll come within the month, and completely change our lives forever. 
That statement, I'm sure, is bigger than I can comprehend right now. 

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