right as rain

Wonder of all wonders - I actually had time to bake today! 
For some reason Finn decided to be sleepy this evening, so after perusing two over-sized cookbooks while drooling all over myself, I chose a recipe and went for it. Not like the old days of baking, that's for sure. I did not have the radio on loudly, nor did I just whip it up and throw it in the oven. Step by step - I mixed dry ingredients, and then breast fed the baby. Then I burped him until he fell asleep. Then I preheated the oven. Mixed wet ingredients, and the baby woke up. So I walked around with him, changed his diaper, and eventually he dozed off again. By this time the oven is preheated and I am sweating because the kitchen and living room are entirely too hot. Finally, I join the wet and dry ingredients toget
her and fold in the raisins. Hallelujah, the end is in sight. I pour the batter into greased muffin tins and then, and only then, I throw them into the oven. 
The whole process took two hours, at least, and I fed the baby twice by the end of it, including cooling time for the muffins. Then I ate two muffins. Hah. My reward. 
I made the muffins because tomorrow I'm meeting with the gals from my prenatal yoga class, and I wanted to bring something for us to eat. We're all getting together and bringing our babies - it should be interesting. I think the oldest baby will be around 3 months, and mine will be the youngest at 6 weeks. We'll probably all do some trying-to-be-discreet-but-flashing-the-world breast feeding and talk about our total lack of sleep and impending insanity, our well-intentioned husbands, and how cute the babies are. 

If I were as good as Molly (Orangette), or Kim (The Yummy Mummy), I would type up the recipe from the muffins and take some amazing photos of them to show you. But I'm not that good. The muffins were amazing, and the recipe is one I adapted from Nina Simonds' "Pumpkin-Applesauce Muffins" from her book "Spices of Life". They turned out delicious, which is why I had to eat two. 

Oh, and Halloween was yesterday. Surprise! I think I only realized what day it was today, and that's when I realized that I really AM locked away in Mommy-land right now. The first Halloween in I don't know when that I haven't participated in, but it doesn't matter. Instead, I got to actually spend some time with my busy and stressed husband, which was the best treat I could have received. 
In lieu of a recipe for and photo of the muffins, here's a photo of Finn in his bear jacket. 


Jessika said...

I'd definitely recommend those cookies. They're quite rich, in all the right autumn ways.

Cacao nibs are pieces of cacao bean, or in other words 100% chocolate. A brand you can find is Dagoba, or Sweet Riot (online) sells the whole beans. I used half nibs and half beans. The beans I peeled and crushed between 2 spoons. They should be with baking stuff. You could do without, or substitute as you please.

I checked out your blog-- your pregnancy transition looks intense! I hope you like the cookies!

Jamie Lee said...

Im making banana bread in your honor!