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My birthday flowers from my sweet husband.

I started something new today. After staying up late last night, bleary eyed, reading blogs and searching for cars online and wasting my life on facebook, I made a resolution about spending my time in ways that I enjoy. For instance, I decided that upon waking, I want to change the baby then do some yoga while he plays on his mat. Then I want to have some coffee, listen to NPR, and have some quiet time. Then I want to bundle Finn up in his baby carrier and walk the dog, wearing snow boots if necessary. When we get home, I want to eat breakfast and then, and only then, do I want to check my email.
This is Finn and I bundled up together - we just came in from the frosty cold.

Today I tried it out - I felt fantastic. Also, I did all of that by 10am. I just don't want to spend so much time online! I get side-tracked and well, you know how it goes, before you know it you've spent two or three hours (on what?!) and your eyes hurt all the way to the back of your skull and you feel empty and alone. It's terrible. So my day does not need to start out like that - after I get Finn to bed around 7pm I'll allow myself to read blogs and update mine.
We are officially looking for a car. I stay home with Finn and Scott goes to school and works - but he only works 24 a week. Now they're going to cut his hours down to 16 a week. We're living off of savings for the most part, with some school loans money in there, and that should have lasted us until fall, but now that Scott's hours are being cut, we will probably need more money. Not to worry! We have a plan - buy a new car (read: used, probably 10 years old, something cheap) and then sell Scott's car and use the difference to add to our savings. So now I'm constantly scouring the interwebz in hopes of finding the right car. It has to have 100,000 miles or less, it has to be automatic and have four doors, and it has to be cheap. It only needs to last three years. If all goes well (God willing), and Scott gets a job in the fall, then we want to buy a new car for Christmas. If that doesn't happen, we want the car to be able to last a little longer. It's a little hard to find because of our location - in the middle of nowhere, I mean, Missouri.
Boring, boring. Let's talk about baking! Unfortunately I haven't baked anything, but it's for a delicious reason - Leanna brought me a beautiful scarf for my birthday and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, too! I still have my little eye on the recipe Molly has in bon appetit, and I cannot wait to try it. Of course I'll let you know (and show you) how it turns out.
In baby news - today Scott showed Finn his pellet gun. In the house. Oy vey.

They also trolled the internet together. It was much less scary for the dog, who is (understandably) perturbed by the sight of guns.

I'm afraid that's all for tonight. I have the new Sedaris book from the public library on a special 7-day check-out so I must get to reading!


Jamie Condon said...

Structure is so inspiring!!

Which Sadaris book... is it his short stories "when you are engulfed in flames"?? I love that one. It's become bed time stories for out-loud reading. =)

Danyell said...

Look at him holding his head up like a champ! Yeah!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

What a little cutie!!

Jessica said...

Jamie- yes, the new short story collection. I'm almost done and loving it.

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