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Another year older. 25 it is.

To those (you, Danyell) left in suspense over what I did for my birthday cake, I'll tell you. I baked a busy-day cake, which is a simple one layer round cake. I added some lemon zest. Once it cooled I sliced it into two layers. I whipped up a lemon almond buttercream icing and a blueberry sauce. I iced the first layer, smoothed some blueberry sauce on it, and put on the top layer. I iced the top layer, and then, right before serving it, I heated up the blueberry sauce and poured it on top. It looked really nice, and everyone enjoyed both looking at it and eating it.
In short, it was a success.

I made it on Saturday - this is what's left.

It's actually getting more delicious every day, as the icing sinks into the cake.

In baby news - Finn is teething! I didn't expect this to happen so soon. Babies begin teething somewhere around 6 months, sometimes much earlier, sometimes later. He'll be four months in a few days and as of today his two bottom teeth are coming in. He was pretty cranky today, and yesterday he slept and ate more than usual. Because he's so good natured anyway, though, it hasn't been all that bad.

Finn, at nearly four months.

(why so serious?)
Tomorrow life will return to normal. Scott will go back to classes, and I'll go back to long, listless days filled with baby and dog, and without husband. The winter break has been amazing for our marriage. We've spent a lot of time together, he's done the dishes and even helped with dinner. We walked the dog (and baby) together, we've watched movies and played Scrabble (a highlight for me) and spent a lot of time with friends. It's been rejuvenating for us. Now he returns to school, or should I say, now school resumes eating his life. The positive note is that he only has two more semesters. He'll be done at the end of the summer, and then he'll (hopefully) get a job with the hospital. Right now July seems far, but these past four months have flown by, so I'm sure these next six will as well.
And on a purely frivolous side note, I got an issue of the latest bon appetit and am looking forward to spending time salivating over the pages. I have my eye on Molly's recipe for Coffee Crunch Bars. Look out, world.


Danyell said...

He's growing teeth because he's the biggest and strongest! He's so advanced : D

Coffee Crunch bars sound delicious...

And yes, soon school will be over and Scott can stay home with Finn all the time, haha.

Lainey Seyler said...

i was wondering where you had been for the past month. that cake looks delish.

we must have similar b-days. mine was jan. 5. i turned 25, a bit freaked out about it but getting over it.

you should check out this blog, dooce.com, if you haven't already. i think it's pretty funny.

Jamie Condon said...

That birthday cake looks simply amazing!