faded from the winter

Natalie and I have begun the garden.
On Monday we relocated the compost, cleared the mulch off of one bed, and broke up and aerated the soil in that bed. I found a tiny sprout, you can see it here.
The weather is supposed to be suddenly beautiful tomorrow, and continue that way throughout the weekend. We are planning a tentative friday night camping trip, and I'm hoping it turns into a concrete plan.

The only news around here is this amazing bouncy seat. As you can see, it's hard to get a picture that's not blurred by bouncing.

It hangs from a doorway and entertains the baby long enough for me to make dinner or get a shower and dry my hair. What a blessing. Finn just bounces and squeals.

I'm gearing up for a new project. There's a scarf my mom gave me - she knit it, but it turned out an awkward width, so I'm going to reclaim the yarn and use it for something else. I have a scarf in mind to try out. This Thursday is our first meeting of The Club, in which a few women gather and knit and sew at my place. We obviously need a new name, but for now it's pretty comical to use such an ominous title for our gathering.
Hopefully by then I'll have some batteries in the camera so I can document our fun.


Danyell said...

Life *is* sweet...

natalie said...

That bouncy chair is the most amazing invention EVER. Other than the way he looks when he is sleeping, he is the SO adorable when he's bouncing!

& does The Club start at 9? I just wanted to make sure...