we can take the long way home

Rainy day.

We awoke early, but soon returned to bed for a morning nap. The storm kept the room dark and muted, save the stray bolts of lightning and the rumbling thunder. Nothing I've experienced rivals the sweetness of sleeping next to a baby.
Soon enough we got up and walked the dog and did the dishes.
All day long I dreamt about the butterscotch morsels stashed in the pantry, and in the afternoon I made oatmeal butterscotch cookies. They are as delicious as I imagined they might be.

Here's Finn on his play mat. Bright-eyed as usual.

The past two evenings I spent hunched over a computer, crazily googling and searching sites for help. I regressed more than progressed, but in the end I came out with that nice new header you see up there. I still can't get it to be clickable, but I'm going to give google a break today and maybe work on it again later. Many, many thanks to Denise, who besides inspiring me regularly with her handiwork and enchanting tales of her family, also happens to be a web designer. She gave me some great advice, and more than that, she inspired me to just keep going. I really needed her kind words, and she gave them freely, much to my appreciation.
Also, a huge thanks to Luke, who let me borrow his computer and use his Photoshop program. It saved and redeemed the mess I had made from html chopping.
Because of those two aforementioned computer screen-riddled evenings, tonight I am hell bent on getting to bed early. But not before a shower - with candlelight. Ah, the small luxuries.
Tomorrow the temperature will drop again and we will return to winter, shortly, before the buds on the trees notice the longer days and spring leaps upon us. Then we will revel in the newness, the smell of soil, the rain.


natalie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I wanted, so badly, to take a nap! & candlelight showers? ahh!

The photographs you took are beautiful. I love them all!

Have a wonderful night, Jess. I'm making granola for Mr. Freeman's birthday! Got to get back to it! :)

ps. I'll be over early next week to maybe clean up some of the beds? I'll call you!

Anne B. Steck said...

The new header is fantastic! I noticed it right away. I like the simplicy of it =)

Small luxuries are indeed the best, aren't they?! I'd love to take a nice long bath as well, only, my tub has been covered in a colony of ants. I don't have the heart to poison them, so they just continually get washed down the drain. Poor things.

Lainey Seyler said...

the header looks good. i had a designer friend do mine for me. much easier and less frustrating. is that cheating?