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The Farmers' Market is open again! Saturday was the first day - I arrived with a cranky baby and hungry husband, both of whom stayed in the car while I braved the chilly, windy grey weather for the first Farmer's Market of the year.
Here's a picture of my loot.

Pussy Willow (that I'm hoping will sprout roots so I can plant it), a half pound of oyster mushrooms, two bags of tender spinach, and a dozen beautiful, brown, fresh eggs. All organic and local. Can't get any better than that!

The oyster mushrooms are my favorite.

I've never touched, smelled, or tasted such fresh and delicious mushrooms. I've never had mushrooms from Missouri. My step-dad is a mycologist (he studies mushrooms), so I've had some mushrooms that he has foraged in Iowa and Nebraska, but these mushrooms are from Missouri. They have such a nice weight in my hand. They feel soft, smooth and bouncy.

The spinach is nice, too. I got two bags so I could take one to my friend who's currently in labor. Being in labor generally prevents one from attending the Farmers' Market, so I picked up some eggs and spinach for her. I'm splitting the bag of mushrooms with her, too.
I chopped up some spinach, stemmed and sliced some oyster mushrooms, and sauteed them in some olive oil and sea salt. I served them alongside scrambled eggs, and that's what we had for dinner last night. It will probably be my lunch today, too. Sauteing the mushrooms and spinach really brings out the sweetness of the spinach and the salty, earthiness of the mushrooms.

And of course, since it was Saturday, I was making the requisite biscuits and sausage gravy.
I took some pictures of the biscuits but they all turned out blurry. Trust me when I say they were the best batch yet.

Oh the simple joys of fresh flowers, fresh food, and family time.


Anne B. Steck said...

Those mushrooms look beautiful!! I love oyster shrooms, especially for making my home-made eggrolls. And farm fresh eggs too... doesn't get any better than that!

Your kitchen looks so lovely! I am envious of those slender glass vases you have there... ;)

Anne B. Steck said...

Ps... I need to get in on some of those buscuits and sausage gravy! One of my faaaavorite dishes ever

j.linneman said...


i have a blog too.

annnnnd baby ian is here!!

love you :)

outdoor.mom said...

mmmm.... that looks good. today i made wild rice with bear. i should have put in some mushrooms.

outdoor.mom said...

mmmm.... that looks good. today i made wild rice with bear. i should have put in some mushrooms.