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happy birthday to me!

just at about five and a half weeks now. i'll start taking belly shots so i can track progress. embarrassing now, but cute later.

5.5 weeks. looking like myself plus a little extra weight.

"they" (stuff on the web i've been reading) say around six weeks you gain some weight, but i don't think i'll actually be showing much until at least eight or ten weeks. i've been looking at lots of pictures online of pregnant women and it seems to vary greatly on when they start showing and how pregnant they look at different stages. it'll be interesting to see how it looks on me.

there's a huge list of things not to eat, including but not limited to some of my favorites: feta cheese, salmon, tuna, sushi. and of course, no more alcohol.

we're bewildered, completely unprepared, and joyful. we're thinking of names, brainstorming ideas of how i can finish school, and talking about moving to the southeast in a couple years.
my first appointment with an obstetrician is at ten weeks, on february 12th. although i made an appointment with her, depending on her philosophy, i might go instead to the birthing center in columbia, where i can take part in making a birth plan and have a midwife and all that.
we've only told a few people so far: my mom, my brother, jamie, laura, ann, jessie.

it's an amazing feeling, this quiet, secret joy.
it'll be fun to tell everyone, though. in fact, it's hard to not tell everyone right now! but i'll try to wait til the first trimester is over, about thirteen weeks or so.
no nausea, only some fatigue and some ravenous hunger. i haven't been eating more than usual, if anything, i might be eating a little less than usual, but when i get hungry, i get hungry like the wolf.

if i think about the lack of practicality in this, i get a little bogged down. i haven't finished school yet, and scott won't be done with his nursing degree until summer 2009. we are just broke college students! but then i remember that god provides, and that we're blessed with family that will cover the expenses and provide support and love. so we're lucky. and grateful. and excited.

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Jamie Lee said...

Even without the prego-pouch you have the most sensual tummy I've ever seen.

Happy Birthday indeed!

I love you