they lost their lives in backyards

Hurrah. It's the new year.

In an attempt to get our lives together, namely, start eating better and becoming disciplined about working out, Scott and I bought lots of healthy foods at the grocery today. Now I am scouring the internet for recipes for my couscous, black eyed peas, romaine hearts, feta cheese, etc.
Listening to "shuffle" on the ipod which is producing an alarmingly good mix. So far I've heard Broken Social Scene, Denali, Kings of Convenience.

Resolutions? Never been the type. Here's the near-future to-do list:
write thank-you cards
make food to heat and eat this week
clean the apartment
begin filing taxes
file FAFSA
invest in quality green tea
bathe Rufus

I have a couple of new hobbies. Knitting, to name one. A friend taught me and after the initial awkwardness of holding two needles plus yarn, I decided I love it. The other new hobby is crafting small felt plush creatures. So far I've made White Rabbit, Brown Bunny, and Panda. These are from a book called "The Cute Book", with patterns and instructions. Sweet!

It's always hard coming back to Missouri, because we feel like we don't belong here. Atlanta was refreshing. We loved being in the city again. Seeing friends was wonderful, because friends always remind you of who you are and where you've been. They were all so great and kind and fun.
One more year without my dad.
Next week I'll be 24.


Danyell said...

Are you going to become a knitting gangster?

Jessica said...

knitta, please