alone everybody

Everyone keeps asking, "when is your baby due?". For someone who's trying NOT to be attached to any certain date, this is a difficult question. I usually just say "sometime in the next few weeks!" and let it go. 
Full moon on the 15th . . . 
But who knows. And why are we, as a society, so attached to the due date. Why can't we be content with "mid or late September"? It's hard to not be thinking about a due date every single moment. I feel mentally and emotionally ready, so every day I wake up thinking "this would be a great day to have a baby!". Then I feel a tiny bit disappointed at the end of the day when I have not had him yet. So, to those due date driven people, stop asking me! It's just as frustrating to hear as "you look like you're going to pop!" and other such mindless comments and questions. My baby will come whenever he's damn ready. 
Meanwhile, I wait . . . and try to enjoy this pre-baby life, though I know he will make my life so much more joyful. 

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