we won't need legs to stand

Before the day falls upon me, and I am cluttered inside by sounds and sights, I would like to sit, empty, for a few minutes. I would like to sit empty, hearing the rain trickle, feeling rinsed and clean.

The visit has gone well so far. We put Rufus in a pet boarding place because he was stressing out, and in a ripple effect, everyone else was stressed also. So now he's at a place where he gets to play with dogs all day, and eats his same food at the same times. I think they go to lengths to try to accommodate the dog's habits.
Also, rain is falling in Georgia, which is a huge blessing from God above. This state has been dry as a desert all year.
Yesterday we saw Richie. He and I have known one another for maybe longer than I've known my other long-time friends. We have a rich history of which I should write at some point. I could write a story of our adventures, the places we went and the conversations we had. And now, when meeting again, there's still peace between us and the gentle friendship remains intact, though our visits are infrequent.
After visiting with Richie, we went to Decatur to see Jamie. She, of course, is as beautiful as ever and vibrant with life. We chatted, and shopped, and hopefully Scott wasn't bored to death, but he is too polite to say.
Today we will take it easy at the house, and catch a movie with Scott's mom Mary. Tomorrow we will go to South Carolina and stay with my grandmom, which I am greatly anticipating, as she is my favorite relative, and the one most like me. She and I are two peas in a pod.

Meanwhile, Scott's grandma is trundling around the kitchen, fixing her cereal, muttering the whole time. What she's saying, nobody knows. Now she sits at the couch and turns the tv off of mute, which I had put it on to write this, and because I am not accustomed to the constant barrage of tv noise. So my quiet time ends, and I will seek refuge in the shower, where more water can trickle and cleanse.

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