all good things

Good things have been happening.
Last night we ate butternut squash alongside a cilantro omelet sprinkled with feta cheese. Scott and I finally had some quality time - we talked and drank beer, just us, together. We needed it badly. Ever have a week when you and your significant other are like ships passing in the night? You may see one another, but it feels like no real communication is taking place. That's the sort of week we had been having. Or maybe we had two of those weeks. That communication is so important.
Another good thing - homemade granola. I have made granola before. Twice, actually, and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. This time I tried a new recipe by the Amateur Gourmet. I love it.
This is what it looks like right out of the oven - cooling, before you mix in the dried fruit.

The honey helps the clumping and the brown sugar (I used dark brown instead of light brown) really gave it a beautiful color. The almonds were perfectly roasted, and I am in love with dried cherries, so the fruit suggestions were right up my alley. Hazelnuts I'm unsure about, and next time I think I'll use walnuts and/or pecans instead. Also, the saltiness was a conundrum. Hand to mouth, the granola was perfectly salted. It tastes a bit salty, and I like it! Eaten with plain yogurt, the salt tastes funny and out of place. I used 3/4ths a teaspoon instead of the full teaspoon in the recipe, and I think next time I'll cut it down even more to just 1/2 a teaspoon. I am truly impressed with this recipe, however, and I'm sure it will become my stand by.

And then this - Natalie let me borrow "3191: A Year of Mornings" and it is incredible. It's very inspiring for me, it encourages me to take a closer look at the world around me, and to notice the quiet, joyful every day pieces of my life. In this picture my two dear friends, Mimi and Genevieve are sitting with Finn, flipping through the borrowed book.

Speaking of good things, Mimi and Gen are two of the best things about my life. They are so generous, and kind, and thoughtful. They help me find my sanity and my sense of adventure. They are also good friends with Finn, as you can see above. They eat the food I make, which is the highest compliment my cooking/baking could receive. I am so grateful for their friendship, and for their willingness to share so much of their lives with me.
(Natalie, Gen loves knitting. We should form a little group.)
There are so many good things in life, particularly God, friends, food, books, the outdoors, music - and the best thing is sharing the good things with the ones we love.
I'd like to share this smile with you:

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natalie said...

I don't know if it is my lack of sleep or Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever" playing in the background, but this post makes me feel so much warmth, very emotional, & so so SO happy all at once.
It is so awesome to spend quality time with your significant other- good conversation & good food.
& I'm so happy that there are so many things in your life for which to be thankful. :) Looking at "A Year of Mornings" reminds me so often of the little things that are taken for granted in my life. I'm so happy you & your friends are enjoying it just as much as I do! I would LOVE to form a knit group; that sounds too awesome!
Also, the granola looks delicious! I make my own granola, too because it is so much more cheaper & delicious when made at home. I have a recipe for Sunflower Butter granola that I will share with you some time. It's mouthwatering!

I feel like we have an ongoing online dialogue. This cracks me up! I emailed you. We need to change this online dialogue to real-life convo. :) & SOON!