such a winter's day

These photos are from yesterday's morning walk along one of our standard routes. We walked to Rock Hill park and enjoyed the morning.
The creek, lined by naked trees.

A spot of moss.

The baby fell asleep on my shoulder, as per usual.

Rufus took a dip despite the 20 degree temperature. He had to crunch through a layer of ice, but that didn't stop him!

We found a leaf covered in frost.

And a pretty little nest.

We ventured up to the field.

And spotted these beautiful pods.

The best for last - someone threw their tv out. It looked like it wanted to hitch a ride.

Walking in the mornings is sometimes a chore I dread. Carrying Finn strapped on me is a heavy task - pun intended. He's at least 16 pounds, and growing. Trying to control the dog when he spots frolicking squirrels can be trying. And I constantly have to clear my anxiety/frustration when dealing with the distracted dog. But once we get our rhythm going, and the fresh air starts seeping into my sleep (or lack of, for that matter) -addled brain, and the baby naps or coos, then the walk is just wonderful. It calms my mind, and gives me time to talk to God, and to let Him show me the smallest and most important joys in life - like that tiny nest.


natalie said...

Even with a 16 lb. baby & a distracted dog, I envy your daily walks in nature. I love finding little pods & patches of moss on various trails in Missouri. That nest is a find, though!

Cheers to a new day, full of God's love & blessings! woo!

ps. I'm going to get your phone number from Luke so I can call you some time & we can plan something.

Anne B. Steck said...

Maybe the TV was just out watching nature....

I love the picture of the pods -- a very warm picture. And the creek is invigorating, with all of the sunlight reflecting!