right as rain

Hello, and sorry for the absence.
Life is sweet, as per usual, and I've been baking and cooking and taking care of a teething baby!

Last night we had Natalie and Luke over for dinner, and it was so needed. Just relaxing, eating acorn squash and kale bean soup by candlelight, eating cookies and knitting and playing cards - what more could a person ask for in a single evening?

Natalie and I were excited to learn we both blog and even frequent some of the same blogs, such as Molly's. Talking with Natalie inspired me to post again - something I've been meaning to do nearly every day.

Here's the problem - I go to update (I've started 3 posts before this one) and then I get caught up reading other blogs. It is a compliment to those who write the other blogs, because their words, pictures and recipes are enchanting to me, but it is really derailing my attempt to write.

Finn is nearly 5 months old now. Life with Finn is precious and wonderful - everything is new. I constantly plan activities for us in my head such as outdoor concerts this summer, taking him to the farmers' market this spring, summer and fall, taking him camping as soon as the weather permits, etc. I just can't wait to share life with him every day! His smile is pure sunshine to me.

Here are two things I wanted to tell you about.
This is a quilt that our friend made for Finn. What a beautiful surprise!

This is the dessert I made awhile ago - it's homemade pound cake, toasted, drizzled with chocolate-honey sauce. I served it with an orange slice and a tiny scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It turned out delicious.

That is all for now. The day is beautiful and I'm about to settle down for a quick nap with the baby.


natalie said...

Yay! You posted again! & I'm not kidding- I had a great time at your house! I got out my yarn & I'm going to start on a new using three yarns. Woo! Have a good weekend, see you Sunday.

By the way, that quilt is AWESOME!

Jamie Condon said...

That quilt is awesome. Absolutely, awesome.

Heather said...

That dessert does look delicious...chocolate, orange and vanilla bean??? Yum!!