yours and mine

February is going quickly.
Finn is growing even more quickly.

Valentine's day was no large affair, Scott and I are not influenced by television so media rarely pressures us into buying flowers, chocolate, etc. for one another. But we do love chocolate. Scott gave me a tin of assorted Ghiradelli chocolates, as well as a metal spatula. Well, he certainly knows the way to my heart! Kitchen utensils! I actually said, "How did you know!?". He said I had mentioned wanting one before and he remembered. How clever.
I gave him a bar of chocolate that was 85% - super dark - and fair trade and organic. Scott would eat 100% pure cocoa if it didn't taste bad. He loves dark, dark chocolate. I made him a little card from construction paper and some things I had clipped from magazines.
He worked in the afternoon, and I played with the baby. I also had a snack of dark chocolate and bread - a very favorite snack of mine.

In the evening, after ordering pizza - not having to cook was certainly a gift! - we had friends over for dessert.
Jessica K. made carrot cake.

I made strawberry rhubarb cobbler. And we all gorged ourselves on both, with ice cream, of course. We played cards and talked of playing Monopoly or Scrabble, but our conversation buoyed us through the evening until we were all tired and ready to sleep.

I have spoken with Natalie again, yesterday, after our friends' baby shower, and I find that the more I speak with her, the more I adore her. I find in my gut a hope, a yearning, for a new friendship with her. I envision many more conversations highlighting our shared interests, and hope to enjoy the seasons with her as a friend.
I'm trying to enjoy this winter light, because though short, it grows longer by the day, and soon it will be spring, then summer, and I will find myself disbelieving that the air was ever so chilled, or the light so clean and spare.


natalie said...


I'm so happy you're posting so often! Our shared liking of blogs has inspired me to continue posting about every little detail in my life, haha!

& I do, too, hope to continue meeting with you- knitting maybe? baking together? just talking at your place or mine. Really, you should come over some time to my house. It isn't as charming or warm as your home, but it is pretty decent for a college house, haha. Also, I was thinking- would you be interested in possibly gardening with Luke & me this summer? I haven't really talked with him about it, but we would love to plant a few things this summer. Tomatoes, cucumber, salad greens, herbs, etc. If you're interested, let me know! I would love to have Finn + Scott involved as well!

Lets make plans again soon :) I'm excited!

Anne B. Steck said...

I adore the last photograph here.... it's texture and coloring is magnificent!

btw, I am here now (bluebirdonawire.blogspot)

Love you
And FINN really IS getting bigger!! Cutie patootie

Tori said...

I'm Natalie' best friend, Tori.
She had mentioned to me before how adorable your little beautiful baby is, & i must say she was very, very right! What a wonderful light he must be to your life!
Also, I read you birthstory, &, being as passionate about birth/babies/someday being a momma as i am, it was very inspiring!
So, thank you!

Keep on keepin' on. : )

LaChaBenn said...

Sounds like a peaceful week-end.