only in it for the rain

So *this* is what labor feels like . . .  
It's 4.54am and I've been laboring at home since around 10.30pm, maybe earlier. It's hard to tell because the early contractions were so vague and infrequent. They have definitely picked up. Now they're coming on average every three or four minutes, and lasting about a minute long. It's intense! It feels like very deep, all consuming cramps. 
I've been walking around, tidying the house, resting on my side, laboring on the toilet and the yoga ball, etc. 
I guess this baby's actually coming out. 


Michele said...

hooray! good luck with your labor--you get to see him at last!

Jamie Lee said...

Oh that "wringing out like a wet rag" feeling my momma was talking about... it's true!