sunshine and clouds and everything proud

It's my mom's birthday today . . . and possibly Finn's, who knows? We'll see. 
I had an appointment today with my midwife and doctor, and they're thinking I'll probably have this baby within the week, which is encouraging, considering I'm already 39 and a half weeks along. I certainly hope he doesn't wait much longer. I've been walking like a maniac - yesterday I probably totaled 5 miles, at least. It's something for me to do, and good for Rufus, who's always up for a jaunt. 
Kim said the baby's head is very low, which is great, because I've definitely felt a lot of pressure this morning while walking around, and I'm constantly bouncing on my yoga/birth ball when I'm at home. Today I've felt energetic, and have been tidying up the house. I'm trying to think of a new route to walk today with Rufus, he's getting antsy. That's the thing about walking him at 7.30am, that by noon he's done feeling calm and restful, and he's ready to be energetic again. I have no idea what's going to happen when the baby comes and I'm not able to walk my high-energy dog two or three times a day. 
Some days I feel more impatient than others. Tuesday I felt extremely impatient, but yesterday I didn't think about it constantly, so I felt better. What helps is making plans - so Scott and I have plans with friends for a camping trip tomorrow night. It's perfect weather, and we wouldn't be too far from Columbia, so now I'm kind of hoping that the baby holds off long enough to enjoy one last camping trip before he comes. Of course, I can't wait to take him camping with us, too, hopefully this fall. 
The closer I come to seeing the baby, the more excited I feel. I'm also feeling a lot of love for this baby, though I don't even know him yet. I cannot wait to see those little feet, and find out whether he has hair or not - and I'm sure he'll have big eyes, just look at Scott and me! People joke that he's going to look like a little baby Scott, which turns my heart to mush, because my husband is the cutest/most handsome man ever. Oh baby Finn, please come soon! 

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