won't you find the way back

Update from the midwife today - the baby has indeed dropped. My uterus is measuring two inches lower than last week. Wow! This doesn't tell me when he's coming, but it means that he's getting ready - getting into place. The midwife also confirmed that losing mucous is a good sign that my cervix is changing. So that's exciting. 
Two more days of work - tomorrow and Saturday. 
Today it's pouring rain. I feel bad for Rufus, because he needs exercise, but he doesn't like walking in the rain, and I don't blame him. It's been raining all day, and most of yesterday, too. If/when it ever tapers off, I'll take him for a walk. 
Tomorrow I have a free ultrasound with a pregnancy center in town. They are doing some training, and Abby hooked me up with them - she and her mom won't be in town, but it's their company Sonography Now that's hosting the training. They thought it would be neat for the girls who are training to be able to see a pregnancy so far along. I'm thrilled - I want to see that little guy. And if he's not ready to come out, then the next best way to see him is to peek into his home. 
Been listening to Bon Iver, "For Emma, Forever Ago",  and Lori Chaffer's solo album "1Beginning". Realizing it wouldn't hurt to own books I haven't actually read. Can't find a thing to read here, must go to the library . . 


Jamie Lee said...

I love that album by Bon Iver... it's been a constant companion

Khalipha said...

Keep up the good work.