we deal with what comes along

39 weeks as of today. 
Please, Finn, come this week!!! 
I'm running out of projects - scrubbed the stove top this morning and cleaned the windows in the living room. Vacuumed yesterday and did laundry. It's about time to do some more cooking or baking. Last night I tried to relax and really enjoy it, taking a bath then watching a movie. I started Margaret Atwood's newest novel. I still have two things to do today - clean the bathroom counter and grocery shop. After I finish those two things, I have no clue what I'll do. Maybe go into labor (fingers crossed). Tomorrow is the full moon, after all. 
If I stay pregnant until 40 or even 41 (gasp) weeks, I wonder what projects I'll find to busy myself with then. I'll probably be learning calligraphy or some other obscure art. Maybe I'll begin charting the elevation on my daily walks with Rufus. Or maybe doing something useful, like actually baking bread, instead of harboring fear about working with yeast. Either way, I'm praying that labor will begin sooner than in two more weeks (please, please, please). I do realize that later, when I can't even find two minutes to type a hello on this blog, I will be laughing at my pre-baby, impatient, "bored" self, and I will fully experience how non-boring caring for an infant can be. Until then, one can hope . . .  

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