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I sure never thought I would care about politics, much less get emotional, but it has happened. Barack Obama's acceptance speech was so moving, and I just wish I could have been part of the crowd at Grant Park that night. Such energy! McCain's speech was "very gracious" as Andrea from Superhero Designs noted. I am excited for what the future holds - and to see what Obama will do with this country. I also feel excited for Finn, that my boy can grow up in a country that still has hope, and a country that has mustered the power for change. 

In other news, the gals from my prenatal yoga class met up on Sunday. Rebecca opened her home to us (since we are all fairly inept at nursing in public - well, at least I am) and we met to talk and share our babies. 

Have you ever seen so many babies in one room? Finn was the youngest at 6 weeks, but certainly not the smallest. He weighs around 12 pounds now! The oldest baby was 3 months, so they were all tiny and cute. 
It was refreshing and normalizing to talk to the other yoga mamas. We talked about bleeding and breast feeding, we talked about how hard labor was, the surprisingly long and painful recovery, and whether or not we want to have more kids. One woman said she wouldn't mind going through labor again, but she didn't want to be pregnant again! I feel the exact opposite. I loved pregnancy - I felt fulfilled as a woman, as dorky as that sounds, it was truly how I felt. I loved the awe my belly generated - a bit vain, I know - but I never felt so beautiful in my entire life. I was allowed, and encouraged, to gain weight. My husband cheered when I put on the pounds. It was an emotional roller coaster, sure, but I was blessed with an extremely healthy pregnancy, so I didn't mind feeling crazy. 
Labor, though it was a great natural labor that wasn't too long, was still difficult. The good part about labor is that I was entirely in the moment the whole time. Contractions don't give another option. I was there, 100%, in my body, in the moment. It was incredible, and overwhelming. I thought I would crawl out of my skin. I thought my pubic bone would break. I could not believe a human head was descending down my birth canal. 
The minute he was out and screaming, though, was the most beautiful moment of my life thus far. I didn't care that I was gushing blood, or completely naked and sweaty, I felt radiant and overjoyed. I birthed my baby. Here he was, finally in my arms. What a rush. 

I know it's autumn, and every thing's dying and changing, but at the same time, every thing feels new. 

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