a thousand dollars in new york

Well, yesterday I was working on this masterpiece of a post - about how the internet is replacing grandmothers - but then the website messed up and erased the entire post. I didn't have the heart (read: time) to rewrite it, so I did not.
The core of the post was going to be about my successful bread baking adventure. I found a simple recipe and gave it a try. Eureka! It worked. So now I have joined the ranks of bread bakers everywhere.

Next task - successfully learn to purl so that one day I can knit socks.

Here's how the bread turned out.

That's the local honey I used in the bread. The bread was great warm out of the oven, but even better after it had cooled - toasted, with butter and a slick of honey (maple syrup for Scott).
I am so excited that I actually made bread. I'd like to create a starter for Sourdough next. Or just play with this easy recipe some more, maybe adding raisins and cinnamon, etc. Really, the bread baking world is my oyster.

In baby news - Finn has started cooing. It sounds like "gooo" or "ahh-ooo". He'll coo, then I'll laugh and praise him and say "What else can you say?" and he'll move his limbs all around, and open his mouth and smile, and then out comes one of the cutest noises in the world - his little voice. It's like we're conversing! It's really a thrill.


Danyell said...

If grandmothers are being replaced by the internet on a cooking level, maybe that's not such a bad thing. My Gan-gan's cornbread is the stuff of legend, the way Vlad the Impaler is the stuff of legend. Jason's grandmother makes a killer stuffing, though...

It sounds very exciting that Finn is starting to make "talk", probably much nicer than crying, haha.

Jess said...

yeah, a cooking level, a knitting level, etc.
and i agree - it's not terrible. i have a wonderful grandmom who happens to not be such a wonderful cook. so it's fine that i'm learning to cook from the interwebz.