simple twist of fate

(inspired by Lainey's post)
I *love* pictures of other people's sinks full of dirty dishes. Really, I'm not being facetious. Just makes me remember that I'm not alone in this world, you know? That my long day that didn't have time for dishes is normal, and many people had the same kind of day.
Also - whenever I finally get the dishes done and the kitchen tidied - that's when I get the strongest urge to cook - so I end up right back where I started - with a sink full of dirty dishes.
In other news - this blog has been good for me. Today, for instance, was wonderful, but for some reason the baby became cranky right around 8pm, and cried for almost an entire hour. I tried everything - feeding him, burping him, bouncing him, walking around and showing him things (that one worked best). He cried actual tears, which is unusual for a baby of 7 weeks. That means he really worked those tears up - he really meant it! I have no idea what was wrong with him, maybe he was just cranky and needed me to hold him. Heaven knows I still have days where I long for my mother's arms or my father's chest.
I'm not sure how this post went from dirty kitchen sinks to the comfort of a parent, but that's my day today. Rather lonely, nostalgic, and void of baking. I had all these plans, all these plans, for baking today. Two recipes, to be exact. I read them both three or four times while nursing the baby. But as it turned out, I didn't have time to bake the recipes, only to read them, and to offer comfort to my crying child.


Danyell said...

I do that, too! Well, not comfort my child, but sigh and look into my kitchen and decide that it needs a good scrubbing. And in the midst of it, think, hey, since I'm in here, you know what sounds good? Some kind of meal that involves using every single one of my pans and all of my mixing bowls! Haha.

Jamie Lee said...

aww, sweet mama!!! I love you.

Lainey Seyler said...

you should see my kitchen sink right now.

yes, let me know the next time you're in the omaha metro area and dinner will definitely be in order. :)

Jess said...

danyell - exactly! some recipe that involves every single clean thing in the kitchen. that's always what sounds best.

jamie - i love you too.

lainey - i'll let you know! heaven knows i have no idea what's good to eat in omaha. i usually limit my jaunts to the old market and the antiquarium. or the goose statue/fountain. i love that thing.