what we have known

I've been trolling cyberspace a lot lately . . . checking out blogs - bloghopping, I suppose. And what I've decided is that I love blogs - I love reading blogs, and seeing pictures, and feeling inspired, challenged, and most of all - not isolated. 
It can be pretty lonely here sometimes. Between my husband's work and his classes, his time at home is limited, and is usually spent studying. So that leaves me with a baby and a dog, and an otherwise empty house.
 Some of my friends stop by now and then, and I take two walks a day, so that helps. Actually, the walks are my main link to sanity right now. I wear Finn, put Rufus on his leash, and we all tramp outside to soak up the last of fall. The leaves, they were fiery last week, are now fading and falling, and the walk around the residential area is just beautiful. Especially where the leaves are covering the road. 
Other than the walks, and the occasional grocery store trip, I don't get out much. I seem to be pretty productive around the house, though. I keep up with the dishes, I tidy the house, and most of all I breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed. It's wonderful. And wild. It's mind warping to try to truly comprehend how much my life has changed with Finn's birth. I'm still the same person, sure, but at the same time I'm completely different. Everything is different. 
I think I'm just feeling some seasonal nostalgia - it always happens to me in the fall. Nostalgia for who I was, the friends and family I miss, but also excitement for the future, to watch Finn grow up, to grow old with Scott. It's most important, however, to enjoy the present. It's fleeting, and precious, and it's all we truly ever have. 

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