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world peace cookies, pt. 1

Today my goal was to bake World Peace Cookies, a delicious chocolate shortbread cookie. I found the recipe in "Baking: From My Home To Yours" by Dorie Greenspan. This book is my baked goods BIBLE, unfortunately I don't yet own this book - but the public library might be waiting awhile before I'm ready to turn it back in. Anyway, here's the idea - this cookie recipe was the brainchild of Pierre Herme, and for anyone who doesn't know, this guy is huge in the sweets world. Then sweet lil Dorie Greenspan put the recipe in her book, renamed by her friend who believed that if everyone ate these cookies, we could attain world peace. They're that good.
Why? you ask, well I'll tell you. Salt. That's right, good ol' sea salt. Enough to notice; just enough to really bring out the chopped bittersweet chocolate and to accentuate the buttery, sandy richness.
Can I just say - I've been aching to try these for days. So today I set out on my journey into shortbread.

Mise en place. As you can see, this includes my Irish Breakfast tea.

Finn was fussy, so I strapped on the front carrier and locked him in place. My very own baking assitant.

We thought the flour and cocoa looked especially nice together.

We sifted and combined. We mixed, blended, folded. We turned the dough out and rolled it into two longs and put them in the fridge to cool for 5 hours. They looked suspiciously like long, skinny poops. We laughed.

As per usual, as soon as I set him down, my assistant gleefully freed himself of one sock.

Then we waited for the cookies to chill. We chilled.


Danyell said...

Tehehe! Your Finn makes me laugh, with his sock-eschewing ways. I want some of those cookies. We should cook together. I'll make dinner and you can bake dessert *sighs longingly*

Jess said...

danyell - deal.
doesn't he look like he's dancing a jig?

Jamie Lee said...

He does look like he's dancing a jig!!!! haha oh i just want to nibble his little toes =D