footloose and fancy free

Today I'm vegan. Just today. Just tryin' it out.
So far so good - for breakfast I had coffee and a vegan muffin that I made yesterday.
For a snack I had a soy latte and roasted almonds.
For lunch I had "the meal that the refrigerator gave us" (as my stepdad calls something like this). That means bascially any leftovers, all thrown together. Thanks, fridge. Mine consisted of: lettuce, leftover black beans and homemade salsa, vegan sour cream, a grilled, sliced vegan "chicken" patty, and sprouts. So tasty! And a vegan cookie.
Despite all this healthy eating I do need to be drinking more water.
For whatever reason, I've never listened to Camera Obscura much before, but I really like them, I'm discovering.
Naturally (as an intensely serious Radiohead lover) I am excited about the new Radiohead album, especially the fact that they are taking things into their own hands and releasing it without a record label! AND without a price!!! They are radical. Literally.

I forgot to mention this yesterday - I'm working on getting an accountability partner. I realize that "getting" is poor word choice, but "obtaining" doesn't quite work when you're talking about people. I've asked Jessie to be my partner, because we are new friends and we can grow together. I'm hoping to grow in my faith, and I'd like some company.
I'm not sure what happened to my literary voice. I used to write differently, more poetic and ambiguous. I haven't excercised that voice in so long that I'm not sure if it's still there. I can't quite slip into it as I once did.
This post feels to me like: blah, blah blah. All surface no content.
Here's content - I am joyful today.

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