i'll see you next fall

ah, the feel of a new blog.

it's fall, which is always a time of new beginnings for me. so i'm back to cooking, it's cooling off outside. listening to john vanderslice, a sound of autumn nostalgia.
i'm not sure what i'll do with this blog. perhaps just chart my life. my cooking, my dreams, my faith.
just to start off - for me, because i don't yet think i'll tell anyone i know of this blog - i'll place myself in the time-space continuum. (sp?)
i'm a vegetarian - maybe an aspiring vegan. if i do become vegan, i'll go it alone - scott refuses to give up eggs, cheese and yogurt.
i'm married, happily, to scott. we've been married for a year and a month. the first six months were extremely hard - he was depressed with his work, i was depressed in missouri. but we made it, and we're getting used to this town now, even liking it!
i aspire to live sustainably. that is, to reduce waste, to buy organic and eco-friendly items, from food to clothing to house supplies. to recycle and compost. to ride a bike or walk instead of driving. to be energy efficient, and support companies that use alternative energy sources such as solar or wind.
at the same time, i realize i'm incredibly lucky to even have these choices. and the education that powered these choices. i have a heart for poverty stricken people. i especially have a heart for people in africa - as i've been reading so much about their struggles lately. the rape and poverty are so rampant it's unbelievable.
on a lighter note - and the note that does indeed keep me light - is my faith. i've been a believer for a year and a half or so. i've had the honeymoon, the following doubting period, and am only now coming to understand what everyday faith can look and feel like for me.
i'm reading "the ragamuffin gospel" which is wonderful, and "mere christianity", which wows me every time i open it. i want to live in a way that i am a vessel for God's light, but never in a way that pushes people away from God's love. i'd like to learn how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
so that's me. here in columbia, missouri.
constantly living, loving, learning.

p.s. i'm off to bake some pumpkin cranberry muffins. will post pictures!
p.p.s. i've had plenty of blogs before, and i think i'll continue my tradition of making titles of each post from song lyrics. makes things interesting.

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