wonder what it is

So I've got these pumpkin cranberry muffins in the oven. I'm trembling with excitement. They're vegan, so I did some taste testing with the batter (like raw eggs would deter me, anyhow) and the batter is incredible! I can't wait to taste the finished product.
Now onto the vegan banana peanut butter cocoa cookies I've been dying to try.
Part of trying to live in a sustainable way is to reduce waste - which means buying as little as possible packaged, processed foods. So instead of granola bars and rice cakes for snacks I'm making muffins and cookies. Maybe not quite as healthy, but homemade treats are always more satisfying. And they'll be filled with love! :D
It's my day off, so I'll probably be cooking some other things so that Scott and I have food for the week. Our schedules are somewhat opposite, and the time we do have together is usually limited and/or filled with chores. So I find it's best to make some large dishes - curries and rice dishes and whatnot, that way whoever is hungry can just heat it up and enjoy.
Will post pictures and credit recipes.

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